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Meet our Jack's Family

Staff 1 Jacks Cafe Cirencester


Staff 2 Jacks Cafe Cirencester


Staff 3 Jacks Cafe Cirencester



Theo, our expert Barista with a knack for brewing the perfect cup. Each day, they pour their passion into every espresso shot, ensuring your mornings are as bright as their smile.

Rob, the unsung hero of our Kitchen. His dedication to keeping everything sparkling clean and orderly is the secret ingredient to our cafe's cozy atmosphere.


Greeted by Polly and Ellie, our dynamic front of house duo, you'll feel the warmth of Jack's from the very first step inside. Polly, with her ever-present cheerful demeanour, and Ellie, known for her friendly and attentive service, make every guest feel special.

They are not just the faces you meet; they are the heart and soul that set the tone for our delightful cafe experience.


Leading the way at Jacks, is Lola our bubbly and remarkable Manager. Lola combines efficiency with a keen eye for detail, creating an atmosphere where both staff and customers feel part of the family.


She not only oversees the daily operations with grace but also inspires our team to deliver exceptional service and unforgettable experiences. 


At the culinary helm of Jack's stands Andrew, our esteemed head chef. With a passion for flavour and a dedication to culinary excellence, Andrew orchestrates our kitchen with precision and flair.


Under his guidance, Jack's becomes more than just a Cafe - it transforms into a culinary destination where every dish tells a story and every meal is an unforgettable journey.

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