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New Year, New Me is what they always say! Jack's is taking on that mantra but don't worry we're not changing what you know and love too much.

Do you like our new logo?

Here at Jack’s, we’re embracing Veganuary! And with our new menu, you can take part in Veganuary with us!

We are making slight changes this January to put the vegan options at the forefront of our menu! We’re highlighting all of the Vegetarian and Vegan options in GREEN so that you can try something a little different this New Year.

Veganuary is a campaign that started a few years ago to encourage people to try a vegan diet through January. The idea behind it was that if people tested it for a month that they would stick to it or in the future think about reducing the amount of meat and animal by-products in their diet.

Jack’s takes pride in offering vegan food on their menu but we thought through the month of Veganuary that we would take that one step further and put it to the forefront of our menus. If the item on the menu is highlighted in green, then it is guaranteed to be vegetarian and if they have the signature large VE or 'Vegan Option Available' next to it then it is made 100% without any animal by-products and is completely plant-based.

Many of us create resolutions in the New Year. The gym is always that little bit busier in January full of people trying to be healthier this year – or get rid of that Christmas weight. The restaurants tend to be a little emptier as people have made the resolution to spend less – or they’ve run out of money because of Christmas! Dry January was a hit a few years back with many trying to abstain from alcohol. This New Year’s why not follow in Jack's footsteps and take up a vegan diet? Even if it is only for January.

If you're not a Vegetarian or Vegan food fan, just give it a try we're sure we can change your opinion on their food! The vegan options will stay through into the New Year but our menu might have to go back to its usual colours after January!

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