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Our Plant Based Burger is donating to the Australian Bushfire Emergency

Did you know that 50p of every Jacks Plant Based Burger sold gets donated to the WWF Australian Bushfire Emergency?

NO? Well, now you do!

Get yourself down to Jacks ASAP to get your hands of the plant based burger.

Here at Jacks, we are concerned about the Australian Bushfires. Our Head Chef, Holly put forward the idea after, finding out that more than 10 million hectares in Australia have been burnt as a result - with the number continuing to climb! Lives, homes, and up to one billion animals have been affected. This was somethhing we wanted to help with/ contribute to rebuilding. We chose the Plant Based Burger off our Veganuary menu as it is on the theme of environmental change.

We hope that you order the Veganuary Plant Based Burger from us to aid the Australian Bushfires.

Head Chef, Holly (Middle), with Cassidy Bailey (Left) & Rosie Lightly (Right) with our Plant Based Burger sat proudly on the table!

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