Jacks Brunch Club

Available daily from 10 am till 3 pm.

Jacks Brunch Club.png

Rules & Regulations for Jacks Brunch Club:

Maximum 2-hour seating. Last orders will be 15 minutes before the end of your booking

Bookings after 2 pm are 2 hours or till closed - whichever is sooner 

All customers booked on one table must participate

All drinks must be finished before replenishment is offered

The Manager has the right to refuse top up’s or extra drinks and has the right to cut a booking short under exceptional circumstances

Rowdy customers will not be tolerated and will  be asked to leave

An optional 10% service charge will automatically be added to the bill

Customers must be 18+ and with the Challenge 25 policy will be in place

Please drink responsibly

How to Book

 Head to our Bookings Page

Select the Date and Time

Choose Jacks Brunch Club under the Special Menus

Add your details and confirm!

If the special Menu doesn't appear then try another date and time!